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n. 律师,法学家





His lawyer decided to take an appeal to a higher court.他的律师决定向高一级法院上诉。

Nothing can weaken his resolve to become a lawyer.什么也动摇不了他要当律师的决心。

A good lawyer can always find a loophole.精明的律师总能找到漏洞。


1、"He was a lawyer before that," Mary Ann put in.


2、The lawyer looked impassively at him and said nothing.


3、He could have made a fortune as a lawyer.



Lawyer Lawyer 算死草(电影名)

lawyering n. 律师之业

lawyerly adj. 如律师的;适合于律师的(等于laywerlike)

lawyers n. [法] 律师(lawyer的复数)

lawyer fee 律师费

corporation lawyer [法] 公司法律顾问; [法] 公司律师;

trial lawyer 专门出庭辩护的律师

assistant lawyer 律师助理

Philadelphia lawyer n. 精明的律师;讼棍;滑头律师

criminal lawyer 刑事律师

lawyer lawyer 算死草; 整人状元;

Lawyer- Lawyer 算死草

Lawyers 律师团; 律师们; 法律人;

lawyer lawyer detail 整人状元

professional lawyer full-time lawyer 专职律师

jackleg lawyer 坏蛋律师

Lawyer Assistant 律师助理

lawyer intervene 律师介入

Crashing Lawyers 司法笑话


1.This lawyer Lingam was certainly flaunting it!涉案的林甘律师肯定是在炫耀!

2.Her lawyer seemed very knowledgeable and experienced.她的律师似乎既有知识又有经验。

3.Only the lawyer can understand this agreement.只有那律师才懂得这份协议。

4.He is articled to a firm of lawyers.他受雇在一家律师公司见习。

5.It is difficult to hoodwink a smart lawyer.很难欺骗一个聪明的律师。

6.The lawyer undertook the case without a fee.这律师免费承办那个案件。

7.Lawyer Utterson is a non-talky and nannyishpeople.律师厄特森先生是个不爱说话、一本正经的人。

8.The lawyer appended two more pages to the contract.律师在合同后又附加了两页。

9.Professional people include lawyers, doctors, architects and thelike.专业人员包括律师、医生、建筑师等等。

10.Don't sell your colleague short; she's a smartlawyer.别低估你的同事;她可是个精明的律师

11.The lawyer disputed the truth of the witness'sstatement.律师对证人的话的真实性提出了怀疑。

12.It was unscrupulous of their lawyer to withholdevidence.他们的律师隐瞒证据是不道德的。

13.The smartest lawyers avoid the appearance of manipulatingjuries.最聪明的律师避免让人看上去是在控制陪审团。

14.Discussions between a lawyer and client are privilegedcommunications.律师与当事人之间的谈话属于保密信息。

15.We employed a lawyer to straighten our legaltangle.我们雇了一位律师把法律纠纷理出头绪。

16.I am confident you would succeed as a lawyer.我有信心你会成为一名成功的律师。

17.Lawyering System of China is a result of latter-daylaw-transplant.摘要中国律师制度是近代法律移植的结果。

18.The defence lawyers are going to eat you alivetomorrow.明天辩护律师会把你驳得一败涂地。

19.His lawyers tried to shield him from the angryreporters.他的律师试图保护他避开愤怒的记者。

20.The lawyer must know all the particulars of the case.律师必须了解案情的所有细节。