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loaf有游荡,游手好闲的意思。那你们想知道loaf的用法吗?今天小编给大家带来了loaf的用法 ,希望能够帮助到大家,一起来学习吧。


n. 一条(块)面包

v. 游荡,游手好闲

变形:过去式: loafed; 现在分词:loafing; 过去分词:loafed;






He used to loaf about and ultimately took to drink.他过去终日游手好闲,最终沉溺于酗酒。

Those who loaf all day and do nothing are socialparasites.饱食终日,无所事事的人是社会上的寄生虫。

Nobody should loaf away his precious time.人人都不该虚度宝贵的光阴。


1、The proposal could put 3p on a loaf of bread.


2、The cost of a loaf of bread has increased five-fold.


3、Pick up a quart of milk or a loaf of bread.



loaves n. 一条(面包);(食物)一大块;糕(loaf 的复数)

loafers n. 懒人拖,懒汉鞋;休闲鞋,皮便鞋(loafer的复数形式)

loaf around 闲荡; 无所事事; 游手好闲;

Danish Loaf 丹麦面包

habitual loafer 无业游民

loaf making 切割面团;作面团块

loaf away 消磨时间

loaf on 磨洋工; 偷懒;

sugar loaf 塔糖

French loaf 法式面包

Loafers 乐福鞋; 休闲鞋; 皮便鞋; 懒汉鞋;

souse loaf 咸肉冻

Mule Loafers 穆勒乐福鞋

Tassel Loafers 流苏乐福鞋; 穗饰乐福鞋;

loaf about 游荡; 引申为流荡; 关于面包; 面包约;

Tassel loafer 流苏乐福; 乐福鞋; 流苏乐福鞋;

Raisins Loaf 提子土司


1.You are loafing through life, you lazy fellow!你在虚度一生的光阴, 你这懒东西!

2.Weigh that loaf of bread on the balance, please.把那块面包放在秤上称一称。

3.He was fired when he loafed on the job.他因工作不认真而被开除。

4.He slices off a thick piece from the loaf.他从面包上切下了厚厚的一片。

5.He loafed about the street looking for something to do.他在街上转来转去想找点事做。

6.He bought two loaves of bread.他买了两条面包。

7.A strong man is not willing to be a loafer or sponger.身强力壮的人谁也不愿吃闲饭。

8.Jason, you charged our son eight ninety five for your cruddy meatloaf?杰森,你就这么一顿饭,竟然要我们的儿子付八块九毛五。

9.Is it right to loaf about when so much work needs to be done?有这么多工作要干,游手好闲对吗?

10.He allowed me to waste those two precious years in loafing about athome.他准许我在家闲待着, 把那宝贵的两年混过去。

11.I don't like to see young people loafing about the town with nothing todo.我不喜欢看见年轻人在城里无所事事地到处乱逛。

12.Bakers form dough into loaves.面包师把生面做成大面包。

13.Don't loaf away your time.不要浪费你的时间。

14.Don't loaf your life away.不要虚度光阴。

15.Or what man of you, if his son asks him for a loaf, will give him astone?再说, 你们中间谁的儿子要个面包, 能给他一块石头吗?

16.The young rascal's hot loaf would be in her oven, Nazorine thoughtlewdly, if proper steps were nottaken.如果没有采取适当措施,这个小流氓的热面包将会在她的炉子里了,纳佐林下流地想。

17.They’re only going to agree to some of this, but half a loaf is betterthan none, I suppose.他们只会同意其中的一部份,不过我想总比什么都不同意强。

18.17 And Isai said to David his son: Take for thy brethren an ephi offrumenty, and these ten loaves, and run to the camp to thybrethren.「你给你哥哥们带去这一『厄法』炒麦和十个饼,快往营里给你哥哥们送去。